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Our Goal

Peenut is the must-have application for expressing yourself on news and current events in a short format.

Our mission is to develop everyone's creativity around entertaining topics in different categories such as :

● Gaming
● Laws
● Music
● Food
● People
● Sport
● High-Tech
● Planet
● Animals
● Economy
● Health

Peenut is the showcase of what's going on in the world....
React to current topics in a flash !

Download the application for free now !

Download the application

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    Download the Peenut application

    Connect with your favorite social network in one click.
    Once logged in, just follow the steps one by one!
    You should be able to...

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    Creates entertaining content and responds to
    existing topics

    By subscribing to users, be notified in real time of new topics and reactions of your favorite personalities! It's time for you to get informed... or to react!

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    Build a community

    As on any social network, on Peenut, you have the possibility to subscribe to users, and they can also subscribe to you.
    Create original content and you'll be a real star.



Frequently Asked Questions

I didn't really understand what the application was for?

Hum... I guess you must have been rocked too close to the wall but I invite you to download the application to better understand. Everything is free, I promise 😁

Can I create my own content?

Of course ! This is the primary purpose of the application. The goal is to create, relay relevant and interesting information. I'm kidding, of course, tell your life story, no one cares anyway.

How do you intend to frame harassment and inappropriate content?

Easy! A team of administrators verifies the information published on the application. If there are reports, humans (slaves locked in the dark with coffee and screens) check topics and other information before deleting and/or validating them.

What is the difference with other social networks?

Does anyone else have an interesting question to ask, please?

Download Peenut

The application is available for free! Download it now to
start creating fun content!